Project Xandata

Project Type
Studio (Secret 6)
2017 - present
Game Engine
Unreal Engine 4
Team Size

A skill-based, team-focused, competitive 3v3 first-person shooter. Explore an expansive customization system in a game that blends gun play discipline with skill-based gameplay.

It features three different classes — Agent, Marksman, and Juggernaut, and three different game modes — Annihilation, Corruption, and Skirmish, to offer a variety of play styles.


  • Integrated online services — friends, party, rich presence, lobbies using Steamworks
  • Maintained data middleware system to communicate client systems with proprietary Web API
  • Collaborated on designing a system for match lifecycles for Custom Game and Quick Play matchmaking
  • Designed and integrated UI screens system architecture
  • Integrated sound designer-friendly workflow using Wwise
  • Designed voice queuing system for in-game announcements using Wwise
Project Xandata screenshot 0